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3 Steps to Detect Erectile Problems

The men who experience impotence or erectile dysfunction actually don’t need to hesitate or feel embarrassed to check their complaints. By consulting a doctor, erectile problems of 60 to 70 percent can be cured.

The examination process to detect erectile dysfunction is carried out by each doctor through relatively simple stages. In obtaining the right diagnosis, the patient only needs to go through three stages of examination. After that, you can also ask your doctor if you can Buy Viagra to overcome your erectile dysfunction.

An internal medicine specialist said that the examination to detect erectile dysfunction was carried out in three steps: filling out questionnaires, physical examinations, and investigations. The following is an explanation of the three stages:

  1. Questionnaire

Questionnaires are usually given when the patient first arrives. The questionnaire given was in the form of an International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) which contained a series of questions that were leveled up. The questionnaire was able to identify erectile problems suffered.

Questions include the ability to erect, the quality of erections, the number of erections, and the ability to maintain an erection. The answers to these questions are then given points and accumulated.

  1. Physical examination

Physical examination is …

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Disclosing Chronic Illness in Resume – Is it a Must?

Getting a high-paid job is a dream for many budding aspirants. At times, the competitive business field does not provide the right niche for talented graduates. There are various reasons that lead to the fallout of candidates that range from lack of experience to illness. Some candidates who suffer from chronic illness find it quite challenging to get a steady job with a good pay. Some recruiters do not hire those with a chronic disease as they fear it may affect their ability to work. This may not be the case all the time as there are firms that hire those who are talented irrespective of their illness.

Factors to consider before disclosing your illness

In the past, finding a job was a herculean task as it involved a lot of process. Now, one can find good jobs online without any hassles, thanks to the internet. Landing in your dream job can be done easily, but there are some factors to consider. Disclosing your illness to the recruiter can either make or break the deal, depending on various factors. Before letting the cat out of the bag, it is a must that you consider these points.

Is your sickness fatal?

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Preventing Glaucoma Disease

Glaucoma disease is an eye disease that causes second rank blindness after cataract and blindness caused by glaucoma disease cannot be cured and is permanent. People with glaucoma eye disease is widespread throughout the world. In most cases, glaucoma disease can be controlled so as not to cause blindness, it’s just that most people with glaucoma do not realize that they are suffering from the disease, so most patients who come to treatment is in the advanced stage and the process of blindness is in progress.

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye that is characterized by three things called trials glaucoma, namely: Increased intraocular pressure (pressure in the eyeball) Pathological changes in the form of damage to the optic disc (visual nerve) Defect (abnormality) in a typical field of vision Based on the journey glaucoma diseases are divided into two types: Open-angle glaucoma: is the most common glaucoma, often referred to as chronic glaucoma because this type of glaucoma disease appears and develops slowly. Closed-angle glaucoma: is rare glaucoma, often referred to as acute glaucoma because this type of glaucoma disease occurs suddenly and can cause permanent blindness.

A person suffering from glaucoma disease will experience several different and …

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