Preventing Glaucoma Disease

Glaucoma disease is an eye disease that causes second rank blindness after cataract and blindness caused by glaucoma disease cannot be cured and is permanent. People with glaucoma eye disease is widespread throughout the world. In most cases, glaucoma disease can be controlled so as not to cause blindness, it’s just that most people with glaucoma do not realize that they are suffering from the disease, so most patients who come to treatment is in the advanced stage and the process of blindness is in progress.

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye that is characterized by three things called trials glaucoma, namely: Increased intraocular pressure (pressure in the eyeball) Pathological changes in the form of damage to the optic disc (visual nerve) Defect (abnormality) in a typical field of vision Based on the journey glaucoma diseases are divided into two types: Open-angle glaucoma: is the most common glaucoma, often referred to as chronic glaucoma because this type of glaucoma disease appears and develops slowly. Closed-angle glaucoma: is rare glaucoma, often referred to as acute glaucoma because this type of glaucoma disease occurs suddenly and can cause permanent blindness.

A person suffering from glaucoma disease will experience several different and different complaints depending on the type of glaucoma. In general, the symptoms of glaucoma are as follows: In chronic glaucoma (primary open-angle): clear symptoms are narrowed vision at the edges that occur gradually on both eyes. In acute glaucoma (closed angle): a clear symptom is a feeling of pain or pain in the eyeball, a sudden drop of vision, and red and watery eyes.

If the examination of the eye then got some signs as follows:

In acute glaucoma: sharp eyesight decreases, intraocular pressure increases, eye membrane flushes, and exits a lot of water, the cornea swells, the pupil is half widened and there is no reflex to light In chronic glaucoma: sharp eyesight can be normal, narrowed peripheral vision, intraocular pressure increased and in the funduscopy, obtained an increase in C / D ratio exceeded normal.

Glaucoma disease occurs due to an increase in intraocular pressure> 21 mmHg caused by resistance to the fluid ducts coming out of the eyeball. This causes the accumulation of fluid in the eyeball that causes the eyeball so enlarged and pressing the eye nerve behind the eyeball so that blood flow to the eye nerve becomes reduced and eventually the eye nerve will die. Medical Cannabis can help reduce the strain on the eye nerve so as to prevent glaucoma disease.

Commonly used glaucoma drugs have the benefit of lowering intraocular pressure, and the drugs include Acetazolamide Hcl 500 mg followed by 250 mg given four times a day. 0.5 gr of KCl given three times a day. Timolol 0.5{32922b38b9b449ebfd3096a6d8f8914e37668f0aaffd068c67bc01856a4e5930} 1 drops given twice daily. Combination corticosteroid + antibiotic drops 4-6 drops are given once a day The most important thing in doing the treatment is that the patient should not drink directly at the same time much, because it can increase intraocular pressure and adherence to medication is essential for the success of glaucoma treatment. Medical Cannabis also can prevent glaucoma disease.